Highly effective trainer in all aspects of copywriting, ideation, persuasion and presentation skills.



01Maximum Copy

Never get stuck for words or ideas, again. An energetic, inspiring, practical day that explores the foundations of idea generation, copywriting and digital. Described (several times) as ‘more useful than an entire Uni degree’.

To The Max

02Digital Copywriting

Writing for digital mediums shares the foundations of copy; but differs in vital ways. Learn to write the way a reader reads off a screen, essential email tips, what works in social, content, banners and more.

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03The Copy Ninja

Ready to excel in your copywriting craft? Like a highly-trained Ninja, learn the art of stealth, the craft of copy, the nuances of language and punctuation. Bring examples of your work, to work on during the day.

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04Choose Your Own Topic

Not seeing what you want, here? I can develop (and have run) workshops on all aspects of writing, presentation, ideation, persuasion and strategy. Don’t be afraid to ask. Take a look at what I've done for others.

Some Examples

05In-House Training

In-house courses are 100% tailored to your, and your team's, needs. They include a review of existing copy and content, with examples used on the day. A one-off fee covers a custom-made experience for up to 30 attendees.

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06Magneto Communications

I’m lucky to work with the team at Magneto: running workshops on business writing, persuasion, influence and presentation skills. Great courses, smart thinkers: check out their website (and free resources).

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In-house training

In-house courses are 100% tailored. Because everyone is in the same room, learning the same techniques, your whole team can get up to speed quickly. And agree approaches, together.

Working with the team leader(s), we clarify the skills the team need, and how to deliver them. Mix’n’match the elements of my existing courses to create your own – or add a new topic.

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