About me

OK. So, who is Jon Maxim?

That’s me.

Born in the UK to an English mum and Australian dad (thanks for the Aussie passport, dad).

Boarding school. A great one.

Two years of a psychology degree: but it wasn’t what I expected.

So I got myself a job as a copywriter. A small ad agency in London where – it turned out – I was the only writer.

Talk about being thrown in the deep end. I think I’d written everything from TV ads to trade ads in a matter of months.

Two more agencies in London (including a division of Ogilvy’s).

Joined George Patterson Bates, Sydney, in ’89. Didn’t like it.

Two more smaller agencies – including the 1990 Agency of the Year.

Freelance in 1991.

I’ve worked for myself pretty much ever since. (Let’s not mention McCanns …)

My journey over the past 30+ years has mirrored that of the industry.

Heavy-hitting print, radio brand and TV work in the 80s.

Direct (mail) and marketing in the early 90s.

Web, late 90s.

Social in the naughties.

Now, a little bit of everything.

Awards? Sure, plenty. Here (Australia) and overseas.

Clients? All sorts: from the ANZ to Zurich. Automotive to zoos. Across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Middle East and UK.

For most of my career, I’ve run workshops and training. Sharing the tips I’ve gathered along the way.

My first copywriting workshop was in the early 90s. Since then, it’s snowballed.

I now run workshops in copywriting, presentation skills and business writing on behalf of a number of organisations, and for myself.

Both face-to-face and virtual.

But enough about Jon Maxim.

How about you?

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