About me

Words. Powerful in the right hands. Dangerous, when not. Make you buy things you never knew you needed. Or turn you off something you always did. For me, it’s all about words. Whether crafting them on your behalf, or teaching you to do it yourself. Over 30 years as an international copywriter, trainer and ideas generator, and I still get excited by the power of language. I’ve learned from the best: the tips, skills and techniques. Let me share them with you, or engage them on your behalf.

Jon Maxim, Freelance copywriter


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Highly effective facilitator and trainer in all aspects of copywriting, ideation, persuasion and presentation skills.


Award-winning freelance copywriting services for websites, eDMs, content, DM, print, social, radio and TV.


Nurturing and directing ideas, content, copy and production. Helping to get the best out of your team and resources.


A meeting. A brainstorm. A discussion. A workshop. Let me bring a disciplined process to keep things on track.


Sometimes you just need a different perspective. I can whip out ideas at the drop of a hat. Fresh and surprising.


Some of my clients have come from an initial ‘help!’ phone call. Happy to. Just give me a little advance warning.


Wow. Over 35 years as a copywriter. I started in London in mainstream (I still write the odd TV commercial). Embraced direct in the early 90s. Wrote some of Australia’s first websites. Got into social, early. Still writing. Still cracking ideas. Still excited by what I do.

Jon Maxim, Freelance copywriter


Highly effective trainer in all aspects of copywriting, ideation, persuasion and presentation skills. I offer a range of online and face-to-face courses across Australia and NZ.


Never get stuck for words or ideas, again. An inspiring, practical day that explores the foundations of idea generation, copywriting and digital. Described (several times) as ‘more useful than an entire Uni degree’.


Writing for digital mediums shares the foundations of copy; but differs in vital ways. Learn to write the way a reader reads off a screen, essential email tips, what works in social, content, banners and more.


Ready to excel in your copywriting craft? Like a highly-trained Ninja, learn the art of stealth, the craft of copy, the nuances of language and punctuation. Bring examples of your work, to work on during the day.