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The blank page. For me, there’s nothing more exciting.

The possibilities are endless.

Rather than fear it, I embrace it. And after 35-odd years of being a copywriter, I know I’m rather good at it.

But to produce truly great, compelling, powerful and effective copy, I need something: a brief. An issue that hasn’t been solved. Communication that’s missing its mark. Doesn’t sound right. Isn’t getting a response.

That’s where you come in. Give me a problem.

Maybe the problem is time: you just don’t have enough of it. Maybe it’s money: you’ve spent a lot, and haven’t got anywhere.

Maybe it’s resources: you need an extra pair of hands. Maybe it’s boredom: you want a fresh approach and point of view.

Maybe it’s just not in your skill set. Or that of those you’re working with.

I can provide the copywriting services you need. All mediums, all channels. From TV to tweets. A speech, to a style guide.

Anything where words and ideas can make a difference.

Turning Lorem ipsum into something special.

I like to think (and others have said so) that I approach all briefs with honesty, integrity, and creativity.

Looking for a way to engage the reader. Captivate. Create empathy.

There’s nothing I enjoy more.

And the harder the brief, the better. I relish the brief no-one else has cracked.

Just let me know how I can help.

I’ve worked on thousands of projects with hundreds of clients. Across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Middle East and UK.

I could inundate you with samples. Instead, here are a select few of my favourites.

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