Writing for Digital


A deep dive into copywriting for digital.

Digital channels make different demands of the writer. Readers skim, not read. They’re in charge of their journey, not us.

This highly-interactive day agrees the foundations of good copywriting before exploring how they differ for web, email, content and social.

Packed with practical tips, you’ll learn to write more compelling emails, build a content library, make traditional copy web-ready, what works on social, and more.

I’ve been writing for digital channels as they emerged.

Let me share what I’ve learned (from others, and the audience). Then successfully applied over the years.

‘Thanks for a great presentation yesterday on digital copywriting. Fantastic info + engaging presenter = happy students!’
Kim, Melbourne

‘Changed my way of thinking about digital copy’

Who for

Anyone who:

  • is new to digital channels
  • has traditional writing skills, but not digital ones
  • wants to understand the differences
  • is being asked to take care of social media
  • needs a refresher in digital copywriting
  • is marketing their own product or service
  • is interested in how digital is changing
  • is thinking about a career change.


Explore the nuances of writing for digital channels.


A one day, highly interactive and practical workshop.

Where & When

Running Zoom versions – tend to be in-house.

Public dates coming soon – or contact me.

Check out my Maximum Copy and Copy Ninja Masterclass courses, too.


  • A brief history of digital:
    • Where it all began
    • Key lessons we can learn
  • Hello digital:
    • How digital differs from traditional
    • The opposites: where writers go wrong
  • Writing for email:
    • Get the timing right
    • My top tip for getting an email opened
    • Subject lines: length and content, which words work
    • Email body: how long, and a powerful structure
  • Content marketing:
    • How to create truly engaging content
    • Building a content library
    • What topics work
    • What content type works
  • Getting social:
    • Which channels and why
    • LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram
    • Research-proven words that engage
  • Banners and more:
    • How to create compelling banner ads
    • Interaction and engagement
    • A guide to writing and creating impactful video
  • The integrated campaign:
    • How to take the same message and tailor for different channels.


$595 per attendee (inc. GST)
$535 early bird (inc. GST)

New Zealand
$635 per attendee (inc. GST)
$575 early bird (inc. GST)