The Copy Ninja


A hot-house of copywriting and ideation skills.

Already writing, but think you might be missing a trick? Want to explore the nuances of well-crafted copy? How to come up with an idea, how to sell it – then handle feedback?

This highly practical day takes you from the brief, to production.

Along the way, we’ll review, refine and boost an example of your own writing, as well as create a fresh one.

Learn the award-winning techniques to make you an even better copywriter.

‘The tutor was dynamic, passionate and interesting. He has a wealth of experience and a very friendly delivery, it was very positive listening to him.’
Auckland attendee

Who for

Anyone who:

  • is already writing, but wants to take it up a notch
  • needs a refresher and boost
  • is experienced in writing, but not in copy
  • wants to do more writing, rather than outsource
  • has taken a break, and wants to get back into it
  • wants an insight into how a copywriter works
  • needs to present ideas and copy
  • has to deal with feedback and changes.


Discover and embed deep copywriting skills.


A hands-on, practical and tailored copywriting masterclass experience.

Where & When

Running Zoom versions – tend to be in-house.

Public dates coming soon – or contact me.

Check out my Writing for Digital (Hello World!) and Maximum Copy courses, too.


  • Getting started:
  • Writing the wrongs:
    • Common writing and structure issues
    • Basic mistakes in language
  • Pitching your ideas:
    • Tips for selling an idea or copy
    • Presentation techniques
    • How to structure a presentation
  • Handling feedback:
    • Death by committee
    • Death by a thousand cuts
    • Handling changes in the brief
    • How to incorporate changes
  • Production:
    • Ensuring your idea is honoured
    • The 2-out-of-3 rule.


$595 per attendee (inc. GST)
$535 early bird (inc. GST)

New Zealand
$635 per attendee (inc. GST)
$575 early bird (inc. GST)