Choose your own topic

Yes, I have fantastic, proven copywriting, ideation and presentation content.

Workshops and webinars I’ve run for many years, with amazing feedback.

Just recently, someone said my workshop had ‘changed my life’.

Not bad.

But you might want to choose your own topic.

Feel free to mix’n’match from my existing foundational copywriting course, digital copywriting course or copywriting masterclass.

But over the years I’ve also run courses/workshops to:

  • Help an Exec Team develop a business strategy
  • Help engage customers with a series of webinars
  • Help develop a brand voice and style guide
  • Help a marketing company develop their positioning
  • Help a marketing team develop a content strategy
  • Help an in-house production team develop a better briefing process
  • Help an agency improve their presentation skills
  • Help private school students market business ideas.

If it’s anything to do with words, persuasion, presentation skills, strategy or ideas, I can help.

Let me know what the issue is, and we can develop the training to address it.

Just drop me a line.

Chat soon.