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The blank page. For me, there’s nothing more exciting. The possibilities are endless. Rather than fear it, I embrace it. And after 30-odd years of being a copywriter, I know I’m rather good at it.

But to produce truly great, compelling, powerful and effective copy, I need something: a brief. An issue that hasn’t been solved. Communication that’s missing its mark. Doesn’t sound right. Isn’t getting a response.

That’s where you come in. Give me a problem.

Maybe it’s time: you just don’t have enough of it. Maybe it’s money: you’ve spent a lot, and haven’t got anywhere. Maybe it’s resources: you need an extra pair of hands. Maybe it’s boredom: you want a fresh approach and point of view.

All mediums, all channels. From TV to tweets. A speech, to a style guide. Anything where words and ideas can make a difference.

Turning Lorem ipsum into something special.

Just let me know how I can help.

I’ve worked on thousands of projects with hundreds of clients. Across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Middle East and UK.

I could inundate you with samples.

Instead, here are a select few of my favourites.

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Amnesty: won the account (with a small, brilliant agency). Our first mail-pack

The Bounty: a series of three radio ads. A few sound effects, good acting, and a simple idea. Still makes me chuckle

Microsoft CRM: thought it was brave at the time. Looks even braver, now. Spent hours writing this one. Enjoy the detail

Optus: very smart, data-driven campaign. Businesses segmented, and then sent brochures reflecting their issues

Peppertree Wines: ‘uncorked’: still works. Such a nice idea. I always did love paper

W Home Connections: small client, lovely product. Talking to the trade (electricians). Got to be ballsy. (No: that’s not my bum)

Pompeian Olive Oil: I love radio. Such a simple, powerful medium. Theatre of the mind

Cisco: unheard of, in 1997. This ad launched them in Australia (and won a couple of awards)

Central Innovation: wonderful client. Great strategy, smart thinking, amazing products. Their website was a joy to write and create

Want to see more? Just contact me: I’ve probably worked in your industry, with experience to share.


How lucky am I. From the largest to the smallest, I’ve worked with great people, products and services. Just about every industry (I’ve probably worked in yours). Here are a few.

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