Magneto Communications

I love these guys. And I’ve learned so much from them: about communications, persuasion, professionalism – and passion.

Magneto have a number of courses that I run on their behalf, all over Australia.

You’ll learn much more from their website, but as a sneak peak:

Get It Write: the essentials of high-quality, effective business writing

Writing for Influence: how to engage even disinterested people in your messages, and sway them to say ‘yes’

The Influential Communicator: a hands-on masterclass that teaches principles of trust and influence

Presenting with Impact: practical tips, techniques and insights to becoming an engaging presenter

They’ve got many more. So, check out their site.

Oh – and a great (and free) writing tool called Credosity. It checks for common writing issues and rates what you’ve written (this piece of copy got an 88% score).

How cool is that?!